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Note: We do not claim these mobile prices / cost to be 100% correct, although we update prices regularly but prices change everyday in market so you might need to confirm from any shop. These Mobile Phones rates are valid for Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi. Used Mobiles Phone will be added in future for sale purchase. So keep Visitting Wateenmobile.com
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eXTReMe Tracker
Price Rs: 3,500
Power 900
Price Rs:2,850
Power 5
Price Rs:2,475
Noir X37
Price Rs: 5,850
Price Rs:2,750
Price Rs:2,850
Price Rs:2,975
Price Rs:2,890
Price Rs:1,850
Price Rs:2,150
Price Rs:2,050
Price Rs:3,250
Nitro Pro 88
Price Rs:8,800
Price Rs:1,890
Price Rs:2,025
Price Rs:2,050
Noir S2
Price Rs:11,500
Noir E8
Price Rs:45,000
Noir Z10
Price Rs:19,900
Noir LT700
Price Rs:12,200
Shine 100
Price Rs:2,500
Qmobile N275
Price Rs:2,500
Qmobile N125
Price Rs: 2,000
3G Lite
Price Rs:3,000
Power 1
Price Rs:2,200
Power 2
Price Rs:2,250
Noir S3
Price Rs:12,500
Qmobile K135
Price Rs:1,850
Qmobile K500
Price Rs: 2,290
Price Rs:1,990
Qmobile XL25
Price Rs: 2,875
Noir X95
Price Rs:8,500
Power 12
Price Rs:2,450
Qmobile R1100
Price Rs:3,000
Qmobile K100
Price Rs: 1,800
Price Rs:2,050
Qmobile E3
Price Rs: 2,025
Qmobile K140
Price Rs:1,890
Qmobile K150
Price Rs:1,950
Bolt T360
Price Rs:6,500
Noir i7i
Price Rs:8,650
Linq L20
Price Rs:14,500
Noir W50
Price Rs:6,900
Noir M99
Price Rs:14,700
Price Rs:1,960
Price Rs:1,950
Noir M350
Price Rs:12,500
Noir LT500
Price Rs:10,500
Noir W35
Price Rs:5,900
Noir W80
Price Rs:8,990
Noir W10
Price Rs:4,600
Noir W15
Price Rs:5,650
Noir W7
Price Rs:3,950
Noir W8
Price Rs:4,250