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For Fun
Beth Kr Pani Peny K Faide:
1.Gurdy Khrb Ni Hte.
2.Ghutny Hmesha Activ Rhty Hn.
3.Reerh Ki Haddi Mazbut Rhti H.
4.Dil K Wal Kbi Bnd Ni Hte
5.Brain Kamzore Ni Hta
**Medical Msg**

If Someone Is Alone And If He Has Symptoms Of Chest Pain That Radiate To His Arm And Up To His Jaw, It Is A HEART ATTACK. If There Is No One To Help And A Hospital Is Far, He Cant Wait. He Has To Help Himself -Cough Repeatedly And Vigorously. Take Deep Breaths Before Every Cough. -Deep Breath Gives Oxygen To Lungs-Coughing Keeps Blood Circulation Alive
EGG ATTACK On Your Car ?
Be Allert ?

If You Are Driving At Night And Were Attacked With Eggs On Your Car's
Windshield , Do Not Operate Your Wiper Or Spray Any Water. Eggs
Mixed With Water Become Milky And Block Your Vision Up To 92.5 %.
You Are Forced To Stop At Road Side And Become Victim Of Robbery. This Is
New Technique Used By Robbers.

May Allah Save Us All From Any Mishappening...
Information Sms

SIM- Subscriber Identification Module

CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access

GSM- Global System For Mobile

GPRS- General Packet Radio Service

EDGE- Enhanced Data Rates For GSM Evolution

3G- Third Generation

SMS- Short Messaging Service

MMS- Multimedia Messaging Service
Even The Greatest Philosphe
* Even The Greatest Philospher Cant Be More Serious Than A Child While Playing A Game.
* When One Becomes Emotional Never Advise Him. It Is As If You Are Sowing The Seeds In A Stormy Wind.
* The Snake Has Its Poison In Its Teeth Dog In Tongue Scorpio In Tale. Only Human Has Its Poison In Its Heart.. ;->
Knowlege Of The Week.

Afghanistan Wahid Mulk Hai Jis Main Train Nahi Chalti.

Dunya Main Sab Se Bara School CHIKAGO America Main Hai.

Dunya Main Pehla Operation GREECE K Doctor HYRO FILS Ne Kya.

Dunya Main Sab Se Bara Hospital BAGHDAD- IRAQ Main Hai.

Dunya Main Barey Se Bara DARAKHT LONDON Main Hai.

"Dunya Main Sab Se Bari " MASJID " ISTANBOL-TURKEY " Main Hai.

Dunya Main Bhaghair Aatay Cheeni Or Bijli K Loog PAKISTAN Main Rehte Hein . . . /